FAQs about ResCom® High Performance Board


Where can I use ResCom® board?

Interior and exterior walls, floors, ceilings, sheathing, cabinetry and substrates.

What is ResCom® board made from?

Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Chloride, Perlite (volcanic glass), Alpha Cellulose Material and Filler (glass fibre mesh and non-woven fabric). All boards are non-toxic and do not contain any asbestos, silicate, formaldehyde or heavy metals.

Can I use ResCom® boards in wet areas?

Yes you can, and when used in wet areas,  our boards must be treated with a water resistant sealer or appropriate waterproofing system. Call Sharp Point Group for more information.

What finishes can I use on ResCom® panels?

Paint, Cement and Synthetic Render, Wallpaper, Tiles, Brick and Stone.

Why should I use ResCom® when I have been using plasterboard for years?

For the benefit of using panels that are extremely durable, considerably reduce the weight load on foundations, are water resistant, impervious to mildew and non-toxic.

What can I fill the gaps between the boards with?

For fire rated walls Bostik Fireban One is recommended.

Do I need to add a layer of plaster over ResCom® board for internal walls?

ResCom® can be stopped and painted in the same way as plaster.

What edge finishes does ResCom® board come in?

Square, recessed and shiplap edges are available.

How can I hang pictures on walls made from ResCom® ?

3M, Scotch or Command picture hooks are recommended for damage free hanging of picture frames.

Is ResCom® board safe for installers?

ResCom® boards contain no silicate and CertMark International have assessed our panels as non-toxic, so they are safe for cutting and handling. Our Material Safety Data Sheet provides more details.

Can I apply ResCom® panels both horizontally and vertically?

You can, but we recommend horizontal application to reduce joints by up to 25%. This provides a stronger wall and joints at a more convenient height for finishing. Nogging is not required behind recessed joints when applying horizontally.

How do I install the  ResCom® board below the sub floor?

Substrate members supporting a joint must be straight and have a minimum flat fixing face width of 35mm for nail fixing or 32mm for screw fixing. All other substrate members should not be less than 30mm wide.