Choose ResCom products and save

Choose ResCom® High Performance Boards for your next project because:


  • ResCom® High Performance Boards feature outstanding fire protection (A grade non-combustible);
  • They are the first building products in the world to be formally recognised at the highest level of approval under the JAS-ANZ CodeMark scheme which provides certification of compliance to the National Construction Code and Building Code of Australia;
  • Can be used as interior and exterior facing for all types of construction;
  • Are resistant to impact and extremely durable, reducing the need for replacement, maintenance and repair;
  • Made completely of natural materials, our magnesium oxide boards are ideal for hypoallergenic residents, and do not include components that are hazardous to human health, such as asbestos, toxins or heavy metals and are 100% recyclable;
  • Are greenhouse gas friendly and require 20 to 40% less energy in manufacturing than cement-based boards;
  • Provide insulation for heat, cold and sound;
  • Are lightweight and can be carried easily;
  • Can be used in place of traditional drywall or cement boards without the need of special tools;
  • Are not affected by ultraviolet rays;
  • Can be painted with any type of paint or coated with a variety of materials;
  • Do not warp, swell or degrade in damp areas;
  • Are termite proof;
  • And increase the net floor space in your build.


Using ResCom® High Performance Board in your next project can provide material and labour savings in painting, side coating, insulation and thin putty of up to 60%. You pay a minimum of 50% less in materials and labour when you use our board to build a non load bearing fire separation wall, compared with the most recognised and reliable double sheeting system on the market.

Installation of ResCom® panels is simple, easy and swift. Save up to 82% on the cost of plasterboard fire rated wall systems, depending on product application. With all the benefits that choosing ResCom® High Performance Board offers, home insurance premiums can be reduced and resale value on your property is improved.