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About ResCom® and Sharp Point Group Pty Ltd

Some pretty devastating fires have been experienced in Victoria in the last few years. A significant loss of homes along the Great Ocean Road and the Macedon Ranges made us think there must be a better way to build properties to withstand the extreme heat of a bushfire. ResCom® High Performance Boards can do just that.

We have all been horrified by the recent fire at the Grenfell Tower in London and it was only a few short years ago that Melbourne’s Lacrosse Building was engulfed in flames by a discarded cigarette on an eighth floor balcony.

Victorian high-rises are a potential ticking time bomb and thousands of apartment buildings could need to have their cladding replaced due to lack of compliance. These events clearly demonstrate the need to be vigilant when choosing which cladding products to use on your construction projects.

A key outcome of the Lacrosse Building fire was that the product accreditation process in Australia is not widely utilised. With the policing of new construction projects largely unchecked.

ResCom® magnesium oxide products have been extensively tested against Australian and International Standards (AS1530 Part 8.1 &2 and ASTM E84). Consistently achieving a non-combustible fire rating when used in conjunction with conforming substrates and materials.

Building a home in a fire prone area or developing a high rise project? ResCom® High Performance Board is the only choice.  Fires break out in urban homes and offices too. Our product benefits all construction projects, residential and commercial, regardless of where you are building.

Your choice is clear. Our accredited products will help you avoid costly repair works and potentially save lives.