ResCom High Performance Board

CodeMark certified non-combustible
walls and floors

ResCom Fire Rated Products

Sharp Point Group Pty Ltd distributes ResCom High Performance Boards; CodeMark certified, non-combustible magnesium oxide walls and floors.

ResCom boards give you high performance in both fire prone and high traffic areas. They are ideal for your commercial or residential building projects. The first building products in the world to achieve approval under the JAS-ANZ CodeMark scheme. This approval provides certification of compliance to the National Construction Code and Building Code of Australia.

Our fire rated construction, insulation and decoration boards consistently achieve a non-combustible fire rating on either side of the panel. ResCom can be used for interior and exterior surfaces on all buildings.

Perfect for townhouses, apartment buildings, student accommodation, restaurants, hospitals; any building requiring fire and acoustic ratings.

Due to superior water resistance, ResCom magnesium oxide boards don’t degrade in damp areas. They are the only choice for protecting your home from accidental fire and water damage.

Made from magnesium oxide cold ceramic sheeting; cut and shape them to any size you require or with joints. They are the World’s greenest panel board and contain no asbestos materials, toxic components or heavy metals.

Resistent to impact, ResCom High Performance Boards offer you the durability that cement sheet and plasterboard can’t provide. They are impervious to damage by insects, mould or fungus, so ideal for use in wet areas. Our boards actively dampen noise and reduce sound waves entering or exiting buildings.

Safe and beautiful buildings are made with ResCom.

ResCom High Performance Boards are CodeMark certifiedResCom High Performance Board is Certified A Grade non combustibleResCom High Performance Board contributes to LEED pointsResCom High Performance Board is quality assuredResCom High Performance Board is quality assured
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